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iKruit Staffing is a full-service staffing and recruiting agency that provides the highest quality service, individual attention to our clients and highly competitive rates.

Below are some of the services we provide:



Candidates can be used for an unlimited amount of time. Companies use on this basis if they have a project they need help with, if it’s their busy season, or to replace someone who is out. Many companies save money by having smaller full-time staffs and bringing in temporary workers as needed.


This is great if you want to hire someone who is not currently employed. You can try the person out to make sure that the person has both the job skills needed plus the right personality and attitude to fit into your corporate culture.


You can use this method when the candidates you are trying to find are already employed but available to change for the right opportunity. There is no cost to you unless someone we refer for your position is hired. Then the fee would be based on the person’s annual salary.


Used for very high-end executive positions where it can take a lot of work to research and find suitable candidates. The fee is handled differently here because of the large amount of time involved in finding the right person.


This is for companies who use 50+ temporary employees on a regular basis. iKruit Staffing has an onsite supervisor to manage the employees, handle interviewing and screening, orientations, meetings with supervisors, dealing with any employee issues, and handling payroll.

Clients who want to hire someone but not add them to their own staff payroll can put the person on iKruit Staffing’s payroll at a discounted rate, as long as the person meets iKruit’s hiring standards.